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19 Wellington Street
Howick, Auckland, 2014
New Zealand

+64 9 535 2630


Macleans College Academy | About Us


Macleans College Academy is owned and operated by Macleans College, a leading academic secondary school in New Zealand.

We offer professional teaching and tutoring that builds the foundations of academic success. Our language-based programmes and mainstream subject tuition are available for Year 9 to 13 courses (Cambridge and NCEA).

All our tutors are highly experienced and well-qualified.  They are fully committed to using their skills and expertise to assist students in gaining the knowledge required for success with their internal and external school exams.

Classes run from Monday to Friday, daytime and after-school, Saturday whole day during term time, and all Mondays to Saturdays during school holidays. We also run specially designed holiday programmes. 

Subject tuition is open to all students. Contact the Academy 09-535 2630 for more info.

Maclean College Academy 是由新西兰顶尖的Macleans College设立。

我们拥有一支教学经验丰富,专业水平高的精英教师队伍, 将给学生们最高质量的补习,帮助学生取得更大的进步。

提供剑桥和NCEA两种课程(理科和文科)给9年级到13年级的学生进行补习。各班祥细情行及上课时间,请来电 535 2630咨询。